Lisa Sotilis was born in Athens and comes from a heroic Greek family that has considerably contributed to independence of the nation. When she was still young she took part in national and international exhibitions, winning major prizes such as the Rammazzotti Prize, the gold medal of Carrara Academy, and the Cup of the President of the Republic.

She held the personal exhibition firstly at Galleria Gianferrari, Milan (1961). Raffaele de Grada (1960) and Franco Russoli (1961) wrote about her. Guttuso (1961), Morlotti (May 1966) and Quasimodo (1967) for her personal exhibition at the Iolas Gallery and later in his book “Rivisti da Quasimodo” (1969), where Lisa, is portrayed together with the “big ones”. In 1964, at her personal exhibition in Berlin, Lisa was introduced by a renowned professor, Bannash, as an “enfant prodige”. From 1965 Lisa figured in the list of the famous names exclusively chosen by the famous Alexander Iolas. She exhibited with Iolas in Geneva, Paris, Rome, Madrid, New York, Los Angeles, and others.

Lisa was highly commended by the director of New York Metropolitan Museum, Mr. Bradford Keller, for the special edition. Besides her interest in painting and sculpture, Lisa has devoted herself to frescos. She has frescoed Sant’Antonio’s death in the Lorenteggio church, San Giovanni, Crete and jewelry as well. Lisa has created marvelous jewels for herself and for many personalities of the international elite such as Farah Diba, the Queen Maria José of Savoy, the Princess Maria Beatrice of Savoy, Rudolf Nureyev, Claudia Cardinale, Annie Girardot, Roland Petit, the most famous Greek ship owners, the Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola tycoons, and the Borletti, Alemagna and Rizzoli families. She carried out a monumental work for posterity as well: the six meters high front door in bronze and gold for the Amman Cathedral.

But Lisa’s first love, since she was a little child, came in the form of a myriad of colors; warm and exotic, sensual hues, which she used to wove together in the never-ending games played on merry-go-round of rainbows with bright colors.


Lisa, with a particular naturalness and simplicity, is steadfast and true in her colorful garden of infancy, never betraying her sunny world. “Sunny” and poetic because she never loses the vital ray, not even when walking in the greys of life. This is the real force of the poetry of Lisa, her natural faith, age-old and subconscious, before the advent of consciousness and form. It is faith in her genes, a faith to strong to give way to academic influences and forms because Lisa is steeped in the Genesis, in the Creation and the Purification and the Catharsis of the spirit are endlessly renewed. It is a continual metamorphosis which rises to boundless spheres, the eternal seal of authentic creativity.

Professor ph. D. Antony Papalas Classical studies
East Carolina University
Greenville North Carolina




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