Lisa Sotilis, Greek by birth, is a sculptress, painter and jewelry designer whose talented characteristics and splendid pieces of art work cannot be described in ordinary expressions.  Being cosmopolitan with a passionate temperament, she never wished to limit herself within any convention. When she creates gold sculptures that can be worn, for example, Lisa Sotilis chooses antique stones, glass, cameos, or precious stones according to the moment's creative mood.  Sometimes her pieces wrap the body in the harmonious lines of nature in a game of transformation and metamorphosis. Her inventiveness and imagination are so inexhaustible that she can transform the most trivial, indifferent materials into fascinating forms and objects of highest quality.  This marvelous, poetic inspiration of Lisa Sotilis is derived from Hellenic spirit, which is her origin, which Salvatore Quasimodo described as "reveal of the influential power of the Greek myth."
What's New
・Lisa Sotilis received Raphael Award 2009.09.22
・Rossini's Opera meets the work of Lisa Sotilis From 9 to 20 August Hotel in Pesaro 2009.09.08
・Summer Exhibition in Alexander Museum Palace Hotel in Pesaro 2009.08.10
・New Photos of Kea Island 2009.08.08
・Lisa Sotilis, da De Chirico a Wharol una vita tra dipinti, gioielli e artisti 2009.05.03
・"URBINO EXHIBITION" at the DUC's Palace, Rampa of arch, Francesco di Giorgio 2009.04.29
・Italian News Show Featured Lisa Sotilis' Exhibition in Urbino 2009.04.13
・Lisa Sotilis’ Digital Museum Is Released 2009.04.13
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